EasyAdmin 3 is released

EasyAdmin 3 has just been released as a stable version. After several months of work, the new version is ready for new and existing projects.

EasyAdmin is an admin generator for Symfony applications. It helps you generate the backend of your projects by solving all the repetitive stuff (listing data, pagination, sorting, creating/updating entities, etc.)

A total revamp

EasyAdmin 2 was optimized for RAD (rapid application development). You configured the backend using a YAML file and EasyAdmin used that config to generate the backend on the fly.

EasyAdmin 3 is a complete rewrite of EasyAdmin 2. The entire code has been written from scratch. EasyAdmin 3 is optimized for maintenance and everything is configured in PHP (YAML is no longer used in any part of the bundle). Creating backends take more time than in EasyAdmin 2 but in exchange, maintenance is much simpler.

Using PHP exclusively brings in many other benefits. Your backend code is now highly dynamic and can use all Symfony native features. Many of the previous limitations no longer exist in EasyAdmin 3.

How to install

EasyAdmin 3 requires PHP 7.2 or higher and works with Symfony 4.4, 5.0 and 5.1. Run this command to add it to your project:

$ composer require easycorp/easyadmin-bundle:^3.0

Then read EasyAdmin 3 docs.

How to upgrade

EasyAdmin 2 used just a YAML file whereas EasyAdmin 3 uses several PHP files. Upgrading seems impossible, but it’s actually pretty easy. Both EasyAdmin 2 and 3 include a command called make:admin:migration which transforms the YAML config into PHP code.

The upgrade command is not perfect and cannot update 100% of your previous YAML config, but it will save you a lot of time. Read the upgrading article to learn more about the upgrade process.

Thank you

Now it’s time to celebrate 🎉 and thank to the EasyAdmin 3 contributors and to all the developers who use it and recommend it to others.